The Additional $5.2 Million Dollar Request Funds Essential Staff and Resources Necessary to Implement the Adult-Use, Recreational Cannabis Laws in Massachusetts.

The Cannabis Control Commission (CNB) today presented the $7.5 Million dollar cost associated with the line-item positions and resources outlined, debated and voted on during the last CNB public meeting in October 2017. The line items in the budget represent the resources needed to administer the enabling legislation of Chapter 55 of the Acts of 2017 and other changes in Massachusetts General Laws which mandate the Commission to effectively, safely, and equitably regulate this new industry in the Commonwealth. The additional $5.2 million dollar supplemental budget request is in addition to the $2.3 million originally appropriated to support implementation.  The total $7.5 million dollar budget is a 10-month budget based on the remaining months of the fiscal year.

“While we have rolled up our sleeves and begun executing the tasks required of us by the enabling acts of 2017, we recognize the need for additional resources and staff to support our work to establish and implement this new industry,” Chairman Hoffman said. “Without this necessary funding, it will be difficult to meet the mandates and requirements outlined in the law.”

The supplemental budget request includes both operational and capital spending to operationalize the office of the Cannabis Control Commission (CNB). Currently, the CNB is using temporary space and minimal staff, some of which are on loan from the Office of the Comptroller of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This budget allows for the CNB to begin the process of becoming a fully operating independent agency as the law requires.

Highlights of the total $7.5 million dollar budget include:
The cost associated with 38 full time staff, community outreach resources, office space, technology development and support, license application and enforcement, as well as costs associated with mandatory research outlined by the new law.


Commissioners’ Salaries$534,167
Senior Agency Staff (Executive Director, Chief of Staff, CFAO, General Counsel, Director of Communications, Director of HR, CTO$470,834
Regulation Development and Promulgation$247,400
Technology Development Support and Licensing $285,000
License Application Processing and Enforcement $665,300
Government Affairs (Legislature, Cities and Towns)$37,500
Community Outreach (Disproportionately Impacted Communities, Minorities, Women, Veterans and Farmers)$283,750
Mandated Research $70,000
MDAR Mandate$37,500
Out of Pocket Expenses (Fees, Membership, Travel) $40,683
Inter-Agency Charges $208,333
Total Operating Funds$3,578,293
Capital Spending (Technology Development)
Seed-to-Sale Tracking $750,000
Revenue Collection, Tracking, Enforcement$2,500,000
Total Capital Spending$3,950,000
Total Operating Funds and Capital Spending$7,528,293