Finding Public Records Available through the Website and Through a Public Records Request

The Cannabis Control Commission is committed to being transparent and accessible to the public.  To that end, the Commission posts many frequently sought records on the website.   We encourage you to check, before you submit a public records request, as it is the most efficient and economical way to access Commission records.

If the information that you seek is not posted on the website, and you have decided to make a public record request, the Commission asks that you use the form below to submit your request. The form helps to ensure that the Commission’s staff quickly and accurately responds to your request.  The staff regularly monitors the submission of forms.  Alternatively, written requests may be delivered by hand, mail, or email.  Telephone requests may be accepted at the discretion of the Records Access Officer (RAO).

Under the public records laws, the Commission is required to produce public records, unless they are exempt from disclosure.  In response to a public record request, the Commission may produce copies of records subject to redactions, inspect the requested records, and/or notify a requestor that the request has been denied.  Please review the Guide to Massachusetts Public Records Law for further information regarding the Commission’s obligations.

Associated Fees for Public Record Requests

In responding to a public records request, public agencies must redact personally identifiable information and prevent unwarranted invasions of privacy. Documents containing such information must be reviewed carefully before they are produced in response to a public records request, which increases the time needed for production. While the first four hours of work performed to respond to a request will be at no cost, the Commission may charge up to $25 per hour thereafter. Please make your request as narrow in scope as possible, so that the Commission’s staff may efficiently and effectively respond to your request.

Records Access Officer

If you require further assistance, please contact Alycia DeAngelis, the Commission’s RAO.

Records Request Form