Medical Use of Marijuana Virtual Gateway Migration Will Support Automatic Registration, Uninterrupted Service, Program Upgrades

The Cannabis Control Commission has moved the Virtual Gateway to MassCIP transition to January 27 to allow Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers and Clinicians more time to claim their accounts. The Virtual Gateway will shut down from Friday, January 24 (6 p.m.) until Monday, January 27 (9 a.m.) to do a system backup before relaunching in MassCIP. Patients and Caregivers may begin claiming their MassCIP accounts starting on January 27.


January 10, 2020

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Medical Use of Marijuana Virtual Gateway Migration Will Support Automatic Registration, Uninterrupted Service, Program Upgrades

WORCESTER—The Virtual Gateway which houses the Medical Use of Marijuana Online System used by certified qualifying Patients, Caregivers, Clinicians, and Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers is migrating to a new system. On January 27, 2020 the Cannabis Control Commission’s electronic licensing and registration processing platform, the Massachusetts Cannabis Industry Portal (MassCIP), will become the central location for Medical Use of Marijuana Program service.

MassCIP has served as the Commission’s licensing and agent registration platform since 2018. The system, which is delivered by Salem-based JD Software, enables registered and prospective Marijuana Establishments and Agents to submit an online application in order to participate in the Adult Use of Marijuana industry and fulfill compliance requirements in accordance with Massachusetts law and regulations. The Commission expects to transfer Medical Use of Marijuana Program license applications and agent registrations from its current paper-based process to MassCIP’s electronic platform in the coming weeks.

As a result of the Virtual Gateway migration to MassCIP in January, constituents should anticipate fewer interruptions in service, access to a streamlined, user-friendly experience, and ongoing enhancements to the system. Through direct integration between the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles and MassCIP, Patients and Caregivers will benefit from automatic verification of identification data when they register or renew their program certification using their Massachusetts driver’s license. Patients and Caregivers who do not possess a Massachusetts driver’s license will find the registration and renewal process in MassCIP consistent with the experience currently provided through the Virtual Gateway. The Commission is continuing to develop new policies and functionalities to increase program efficiency.

Patients, Caregivers, Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Agents, and Clinicians will need to claim their Virtual Gateway account in MassCIP in order to access the Medical Use of Marijuana Online System going forward. They may do so using the same email address and password that they had previously used for the Virtual Gateway. However, Patients and Caregivers who are already registered in the Medical Use of Marijuana Program Online Portal currently may not need to access the new system before their next visit to a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center. After the migration is complete, users will be asked to claim their account in MassCIP the next time they log in.

To ensure ongoing service to Patients and Caregivers, Agents and Clinicians should begin claiming their accounts on January 10. Patients and Caregivers may begin claiming their accounts starting on January 27 but will not lose their accounts by a certain deadline. MassCIP is accessible to the medical community at the following links:

*         Patients and Caregivers:

*         Physicians:

*         Partners:

*         Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers:

The Commission has produced training videos and guidance documents to assist constituents through this transition. Those with additional questions should visit MassCannabisControl.Com for more information.

The Virtual Gateway will shut down on January 24 in order to support the migration of the Medical Use of Marijuana Online System to MassCIP. Patients and Caregivers should expect to receive uninterrupted service at Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers during that time. JD Software will maintain the Virtual Gateway through the migration in order to protect against any potential data loss.

For more information about this migration, visit MassCannabisControl.Com or contact the Commission by emailing, calling 774-415-0200, or following the agency on Facebook and Twitter.