Applying for a License

The Massachusetts Cannabis Industry Portal (MassCIP) is now open. Please register here to begin the application process.

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Marijuana Establishments Authorized to Commence Operations

NameLicense NumberLicense TypeExecutive Summary
Alternative Therapies Group MR281255RetailerAlternative Therapies Group Executive Summary
CDX Analytics IL281275 Independent Testing LaboratoryCDX Analytics Executive Summary
Cultivate HoldingsMC281266Cultivation, Tier 2 – Indoor OperationCultivate Holdings Executive Summary
Cultivate HoldingsMP281305Product ManufacturerCultivate Holdings Executive Summary
Cultivate HoldingsMR281268RetailerCultivate Holdings Executive Summary
I.N.S.A.MC281268Cultivation, Tier 7 – Indoor OperationI.N.S.A. Executive Summary
I.N.S.A.MP281426Product ManufacturerI.N.S.A. Executive Summary
I.N.S.A.MR281680RetailerI.N.S.A. Executive Summary
MCR Labs IL281278Independent Testing LaboratoryMCR Labs Executive Summary

New England Treatment AccessMC281267Cultivation, Tier 6 – Indoor OperationNew England Treatment Access Executive Summary
New England Treatment AccessMP281306Product ManufacturerNew England Treatment Access Executive Summary
New England Treatment AccessMR281240RetailerNew England Treatment Access Executive Summary
Northeast Alternatives, Inc.MC281319Cultivation, Tier 1 – Indoor OperationNortheast Alternatives
Northeast Alternatives, Inc.MP281319Product ManufacturerNortheast Alternatives
Northeast Alternatives, Inc.MR281314RetailerNortheast Alternatives

Pharmacannis Massachusetts d/b/a Verilife

MR281252RetailerPharmacannis Executive Summary
Revolutionary ClinicsMC281507Cultivation, Tier 8 – IndoorRevolutionary Clinics
Revolutionary ClinicsMP281425Product ManufacturerRevolutionary Clinics
Temescal WellnessMR281309RetailerTemescal Wellness Executive Summary
Temescal WellnessMR281588RetailerTemescal Wellness Executive Summary
Temescal WellnessMC281550Cultivation, Tier 2 – IndoorTemescal Wellness Executive Summary
Temescal WellnessMP281402Product ManufacturerTemescal Wellness Executive Summary
Theory Wellness
MR281549RetailerTheory Wellness Executive Summary