Agent COVID-19 Reporting Forms as of May 7, 2020

The Cannabis Control Commission (Commission) is releasing Agent COVID-19 Reporting Forms, which document virus cases identified at Marijuana Establishments and Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers in Massachusetts. The forms have been redacted accordingly to protect Agents’ privacy.

Licensees are required to submit an Agent COVID-19 Reporting Form to the Commission immediately after obtaining actual knowledge of a confirmed case, but in no event later than twenty-four (24) hours.

Within 10 days, licensees must provide additional reporting with the following information:

  • Circumstances of the event
  • Action taken under facility Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Changes to facility SOPs in response (if any)
  • Communication with state and local health officials
  • Description and results of contact tracing steps to identify individuals in close contact with affected employee.

The following are Agent COVID-19 Reporting Forms the agency had collected as of May 7, 2020.

Curaleaf Norwell

NETA Brookline

NETA Franklin

NETA Northampton

Revolutionary Clinics II Cambridge