Cannabis Advisory Board

The Cannabis Advisory Board, established by Chapter 55 of the Acts of 2017 has twenty-five members: five appointees each from the Governor, Treasurer and Attorney General and ten ex offiicio members with expertise and knowledge relevant to the Board’s mission. They are charged with studying and making recommendations to the Cannabis Control Commission on the regulation and taxation of marijuana in Massachusetts.

Ex Officio Appointees

Ten members are ex officio:

  • Shawn Collins: the Executive Director of the Cannabis Control Commission who serves as chair
  • Jay Ash: the Secretary of Housing and Economic Development or a designee
  • Chris Harding: the Commissioner of Revenue or a designee
  • Monica Bharel: the Commissioner of Public Health or a designee
  • John Lebeaux: the Commissioner of Agricultural Resources or a designee
  • Kerry Gilpin: the Colonel of the State Police or a designee
  • Julie Jacobson, Auburn Town Manager: the President of the Massachusetts Municipal Association, Inc. or a designee
  • Nichole Snow: the President of the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, Inc. or a designee
  • Michael Latulippe: a registered qualifying patient appointed by the President of the Massachusetts Patient Advocacy Alliance, Inc.
  • Matthew Allen: Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts, Inc. or a designee
Treasurer and Receiver-General Appointees

Five members are appointed by the Treasurer and Receiver-General:

  • Norton Arbelaez: an expert in marijuana cultivation
  • Michael Dundas: an expert in marijuana retailing
  • Jaime Lewis: an expert in marijuana product manufacturing
  • Dr. Alan Balsam: an expert in laboratory sciences and toxicology
  • Shanel Lindsay: an expert in providing legal services to marijuana businesses
Governor Appointees

Five members are appointed by the Governor:

  • Kimberly Napoli: an expert in minority business development
  • Henry M. Thomas, III: an expert in economic development strategies for under-resourced communities
  • Lydia Sisson: an expert in farming or representing the interests of farmers
  • Mary Ann Pesce: an expert representing the interests of employers
  • Chief John Carmichael, Jr.: an expert in municipal law enforcement with advanced training in impairment detection and evaluation
Attorney General Appointees

Five members are appointed by the Attorney General:

  • Horace Small: an expert in social welfare or social justice
  • Andrea Cabral: an expert in criminal justice reform to mitigate the disproportionate impact of drug prosecutions on communities of color
  • Ray Berry: an expert in minority business ownership
  • Tessa Murphy-Romboletti: an expert in women-owned business ownership
  • Dr. Sharon Levy: an expert in the prevention and treatment of substance use disorders